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Welcome to the BIAS SEO Agency – We specialise in increasing your organic Google rankings.

We rank websites (in Google) in order to improve our client’s rankings in the search results and improve their conversion rates. This allows for an increase in exposure on Google and an increase in profitability for their business.


The BIAS SEO Agency is an SEO agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. We focus solely on performing Search Engine Optimisation for our clients. 

BIAS SEO was established to help companies grow their business with organic traffic. We pride ourselves on increasing our client’s sales and revenue through increased Google exposure. Currently, SEO has the highest ROI in Digital Marketing.

Learn more about our comprehensive SEO services and the benefits of SEO here:

Improved Organic Rankings

Bias SEO agency helps your business improve its rankings using white-hat search engine optimisation methods.

Increased Brand Recognition

BIAS SEO helps you dominate the search results. Being in the Top 3 Positions of Google for every available search query establishes your business as the best business in that space.

Top Performing ROI

It is well known that SEO has the highest return on investment than any other form of digital marketing. It routinely delivers high-quality search volume to your website without fail.

SEO Services BIAS SEO Agency provides:

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SEO Services

BIAS SEO provides specialist SEO services for companies based in Cape Town. Providing Cape Town with the very best in search engine optimisation strategy and implementation to ensure your organic search engine goals are met.

SEO Cape Town

SEO Audit Services

An SEO audit can help you find the underlying problems you may have with your website in order to determine what is holding you back from achieving your rankings.

We provide this service to our clients. Implementation of the changes and suggestions is usually an additional cost.

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WordPress SEO Services

Need WordPress SEO services? We provide SEO services to companies that use the WordPress Content Management System. Our WordPress SEO services cover Site Audits, On-page, technical and Off-page SEO services.

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Local SEO Services

Our local SEO services help businesses rank locally for search phrases such as “near me” searches. This ensures your company will be ranked in the area where the searcher is looking for your information.

What does BIAS SEO Agency do?

The BIAS SEO agency provides search engine optimisation services for our clients. We specialise in various aspects of improving your organic rankings to increase your business’s revenue.

BIAS SEO prides itself in knowing that so far, we have never missed a targeted search result. Usually, our goal is to land in the top 3 results of Google’s search results.

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What is an SEO service?

An SEO service is a specialist digital marketing service provided by digital marketing agencies to help improve a company’s organic traffic by increasing its rankings in the search engine results.

SEO services usually comprise a holistic approach to search engine optimisation. This means that technical, on-page and off-page SEO is attended to. Another thing that is rarely talked about is SEO which focuses on improving the conversion rate of the visitors using CRO tactics.

What are the different types of SEO?

There are different types of SEO. The main thing to remember is that they all have one goal in common. To increase the website’s traffic through improved organic rankings and to further improve various aspects of the website to increase conversion rates.

To keep the different types of SEO simple here is a brief rundown:

You get On-page Optimisation which refers to improving the content on the webpage to help improve its rankings.

Off-page optimisation refers to increasing a website’s authority by blogging and by building backlinks from other websites to the business’s website.

Technical SEO refers to improving the technical aspects of a website. These usually include sitemap improvements and page speed to name a few.

Local SEO refers to improving a website in order to increase the organic maps rankings.

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How can SEO increase your businesses revenue

By simply outranking all your competitors, you are able to improve the amount of traffic your website is getting. More traffic means more potential sales. With Conversion Rate Optimisation a business can improve the number of people landing on the website and “buying”.

More traffic and an increased number of people landing on the website and choosing to “buy” results in a higher income generated for the business.

Do you need SEO services for your business?

If you are in need of SEO services, please contact us today to help improve your Google rankings. SEO services will help you achieve your organic ranking goals. The more search queries you can rank for, the more revenue a business can generate.

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About The SEO Team

Our SEO team consists of a few specialised Search Engine Optimisers. We are a data-driven team that is passionate about delivering a positive ROI for our clients without the need for expensive PPC ads.

  • We help established Small to Medium Businesses.
  • We are Data-driven and ROI focused SEOs.
  • We help improve your Brand Awareness.
  • Increased search visibility increases profit.

We offer a range of services including full-service SEO packages, keyword research & analysis, link building programmes and more to help you grow your company organically. We essentially do whatever it takes. Anything can be reversed engineered when you know-how.

Recent Success stories

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Bespoke Designs – Cape Town

Bespoke Designs is a kitchen renovation and custom cabinetry company based in Cape Town. This project included building the website and following up with an SEO campaign to improve its rankings.

Move Massage – Tallinn, Estonia

Move Massage is a sports massage studio based in Tallinn, Estonia. The project included building out the website and ranking it in Google for Sports Massage Tallinn. This was ranked in 9 months and is currently #1 for the search term and also “near me” searches in Tallinn.

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