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About Us – All about BIAS SEO

Everything you wanted to know about the team behind BIAS SEO.


There are millions of digital marketing specialists out there doing SEO. Unfortunately, very few ever get good results or deliver for their clients. We’re different. We get results because your company’s success depends on it.

BIAS SEO is a digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO, with an emphasis on data-driven marketing metrics to ensure the best results for your campaign. We have extensive experience in SEO and are passionate about creating positive ROI without the need for expensive ads for all our clients, which is why we focus purely on data-driven marketing metrics to achieve this goal.

This helps small to medium businesses grow and scale using our methods.

We have spent years as SEOs, so we understand the fundamentals of what makes a website rank well in Google. Our focus is on reverse engineering what works. An easy way to tell what is working on Google is to look at the Search Engine Results for that specific query. Google will tell you what it wants.

We offer a range of services including full-service SEO packages, keyword research & analysis, link building programmes and more to help you grow your company organically. We essentially do whatever it takes. Anything can be reversed engineered when you know-how.

BIAS SEO is an ROI Driven Agency

Extensive Experience in Ranking Sites

Holistic Approach to Increased Traffic

Full Service SEO agency

Meet the Owner – Neil Manchip

From Strategic Marketing to SEO Specialist.

I started out my marketing career as a small business marketing specialist. I would start a business, market it and eventually grow it into something.

Eventually this led me down a path to web design. I hired a company to build a website, and after battling with them, I eventually sat down one Saturday afternoon and learnt to build websites.

As time went on, friends and family would ask if I could build them a website for their blog or small business. It was inevitable that one day some would ask me, “can you put my website at the top of Google”?

This led me down the exciting path of SEO and ranking websites. In my short 5 year career as an SEO I have always ranked the sites. No exception.

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