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Don’t Risk It: 7 Reasons to Avoid Cheap SEO Solutions

Cheap SEO solutions can be tempting, but they often come with several risks. In this article will discuss seven reasons why you should never use cheap SEO services. Thus protecting your website and business from any potential losses.

I will explain why it may be better to invest in quality SEO solutions, as it will save you money in the long run.

There are dangers of using poorly written content such as spam AI generated content. Low-quality backlinks can lead to a link spam penalty. Link building and keyword research usually can be a complex task.

If the SEO provider doesn’t have the necessary skills, the campaign may not be successful.

It is worth noting that cheap SEO usually uses blackhat techniques. This can lead to Google penalties resulting in a loss of business.

Cheap SEO is not an effective solution

Using cheap SEO services can be incredibly tempting for businesses that lack the budget to invest in quality SEO solutions. While it may sound like a good idea to save money. These services often come with significant risks. Investing in quality SEO may even save you money in the long run.

If the SEO lacks the necessary skills you may end up with the following problems:

  • Decreased website rankings
  • Reduced visibility
  • Loss of business
  • A Google penalty

I have also outlined a few of issues that arise from budget SEO services.

Low-quality content

Cheap SEO solutions are often associated with low-quality content. Low quality content can damage the reputation of your website. The reason is Poorly written articles or spun content may have grammar and spelling mistakes. The search engine is designed not to showcase such content on Google. This reduces the chances of people finding your site in the first place. The content may also lack the relevant keywords for that specific query. This could make it difficult for search engines to identify your being relevant to a query. This results in a significant loss of traffic, potential customers and website rankings.

Blackhat backlinks

Another risk associated with using cheap SEO solutions is the presence of blackhat backlinks. These are considered spammy or unethical backlink building. These types of links may be obtained from websites that have been marked by search engines as low-quality or have been blacklisted. All backlinks should be carefully researched.

My personal research criteria is the following:

  • DA of 30 or more
  • PA of 30 or more
  • fewer than 3 links on a page – This excludes internal linking and resource links
  • A spam score or 5% or less.
  • Is the website niche relevant?

It is worth noting that the above metrics are guidelines and my guidelines only. they are not “what Google wants”.

Blackhat link building can lead to giving you a search engine penalty. Even once the links have been removed or disavowed, it can take 6 months to see movement again.

Lack of expertise

Cheap SEO’s may lack the required level of expertise required to rank the site.

Keyword research and link building is a complex task. It requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to do effectively.

This may mean that the SEO techniques are outdated or ineffective. This can result in a decrease in website rankings and visibility.

High risk for penalties

Using cheap SEO solutions also carries with it a high risk of penalties from search engines. Search engine algorithms are constantly being updated. The techniques used by low-cost services may not be compliant with the recent changes. This means that your website could be penalised for using outdated methods. This is not something any business owner would want.

More expensive in the long run

Ultimately, using cheap SEO services can end up costing more money in the long run. You will find after a while, the low cost SEO will stop working. If you do manage to get an issues that arise such as a penalty – it can become very expensive to correct. There have been many times when the “fix it” fee is double that of the normal fee. As mentioned above, it may even take 6 months after cleanup to see movement again.

It can take a long time to correct the penalty which would mean a site wide content and backlink cleanup.

It is important to do your research on the SEO or the agency before using them. You need to invest in a solution that will benefit your business and not hamper it.

You may be penalised by Google for using cheap SEO services

Using cheap SEO services comes with a risk of being penalised by Google, which can be detrimental for your website and business. Google is constantly updating their algorithms, so any techniques used by low-cost services might not be compliant with the latest changes. This means that there is a real chance of your website being hit with penalties and having its rankings and visibility reduced significantly.

The consequences of being penalised by Google can be severe, as it can mean a decrease in website rankings and an overall reduction in traffic and potential clients. In some cases, this could even result in your website being blacklisted from search engines, making it almost impossible for users to find your website.

The best way to avoid this from happening is to invest in quality SEO solutions from the start. Quality services will ensure that your website remains compliant with Google’s algorithms and avoid any potential penalties. It is also important to research any backlinks before using them on your website, as this can help to prevent any potential losses caused by malicious links.

In conclusion, cheap SEO services may seem like a good idea in the short-term, but they can be incredibly risky and lead to significant losses of business in the long run. Investing in quality SEO solutions from the start can help you to save money in the long run by avoiding any potential losses caused by poor SEO techniques. It’s important to do your research before selecting an SEO service and make sure that you invest in a solution that will offer the best results for your business. Doing this will ensure that your website remains compliant with Google.

Poorly written content can negatively impact your website’s ranking

When it comes to SEO, content is essential. Poorly written content can have a negative impact on your website’s ranking by making it difficult for search engine algorithms to understand and index your pages properly. Low-cost services often provide low-quality content that fails to provide any real value or relevance to users, resulting in poor rankings and visibility.

In order to avoid this, it is important to invest in quality content that is well-written and optimised for search engines. Quality content should be informative, relevant and engaging, as this will help your website to rank higher in search results and attract more visitors. Investing in quality content can also help to improve the user experience, as it will ensure that users are more likely to stay on your website for longer periods of time and interact with your content.

Low-quality backlinks can hurt your website’s reputation and search engine rankings

Low-quality backlinks almost always hurt your website’s reputation, and can even lead to search engine penalties if they aren’t compliant with Google’s algorithms. Search engines are sophisticated enough to detect low-quality backlinks, and using them will only result in lower rankings, reduced visibility, and even blacklisting in extreme cases.

Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin Update has had a huge impact on how search engines view and rank websites. This algorithmic update was designed to detect and penalise websites that were using low-quality, spammy backlinks in order to improve their rankings. This means that website owners must be careful when selecting their backlinks, and should only use high-quality sources that are compliant with Google’s algorithms.

Manual penalties

Google can also issue manual penalties to websites if they detect any suspicious or low-quality backlinks. These penalties usually require website owners to take action in order restore their rankings and visibility. This could mean removing all of the low-quality backlinks and replacing them with quality sources, or even submitting a reconsideration request to Google.

Link Spam Updates

Link spam updates are a type of algorithmic update that Google uses to detect and penalise websites using low-quality backlinks. These updates are designed to identify patterns of link building behavior that search engines consider to be suspicious or unnatural, such as large numbers of links from the same source or links with identical anchor text.

Algorithms are always changing so stop trying to “game the system”. You will not win.

Cheap services often lack the expertise to handle complex tasks like link building or keyword research properly

Cheap SEO services may seem like a great way to save money, but they often lack the expertise to handle complex tasks such as proper link building or keyword research. This can lead to your website being penalised by search engines, as they are not able to provide quality backlinks or optimise content effectively. Quality SEO solutions will offer more comprehensive services that can help to improve your rankings and visibility, while avoiding any potential penalties from search engines.

I personally prefer an outcomes position on SEO services. For example; what will it take to rank a website for a specific keyword? Approximately how many backlinks, how many blogs posts in each silo etc?

I do tell all potential clients to please do their research and due diligence to try understand the details of SEO. Even if it is a birds eye view of how things work. This will help you know which agency or consultant you should trust.

Problems that arise when using cheap SEO services

  • Cheap SEO services can lead to a number of problems, including:
  • Low-quality or irrelevant backlinks which can lead to search engine penalties such as panda or link spam.
  • Poorly written content that fails to engage visitors or correct keyword choice. If the on-page text isn’t very well written you will find you have a lesser conversion rate than if the content was well written and engaging.
  • Inadequate keyword research leading to low rankings and visibility for your website.
  • Slow turnaround times as the SEO solutions lack the resources to complete your project in a timely manner.

Overall, if you are looking for quality SEO services that can provide tangible results then it is worth investing in a reputable provider who has experience and expertise in the industry. Avoiding cheap options will save you time and money in the long run.

Quality work takes time, so don’t expect instant results from a cheap service

Quality SEO takes time and effort, so looking for quick and effective services don’t go hand in hand. Reputable providers will often require longer to complete projects, as they need to ensure that all work is done correctly and meets client expectations. This can mean higher costs in the short term but it is often worth investing more money into quality solutions that can produce long-term results. We like to say that it is one thing to rank a website and another to secure those rankings over the years.

To give you an example, we focus on getting you to your end goal in the timespan of 12 months. This would include ranking your primary search query in the top 3 spots in Google for both the maps and the Google search results. Usually, during this period you will find an increase in traffic from variations of those queries. We like to run those searches down in order to get more visitors to your website.

Investing in quality SEO solutions will save you money in the long run as it ensures better results that last longer than those provided by cheaper alternatives

Investing in quality SEO solutions will save you money in the long run , as it guarantees better results that will last longer than those provided by cheaper alternatives. You will also find good quality SEO services will also future proof your website from further Google algorithm updates. As we found out in 2022 – with all the rollouts that happened – companies that use ineffective methods or dated methodologies got basted off Google.

Examples of how quality SEO solutions provide lasting results.

  • Cheaper services will use spammy backlinks to elevate the Domain Authority. It’s a great idea until updates like the Penguin update happened or the rent Link Spam update obliterated those websites off Google almost entirely. If the update was done and the client had a good backlink profile you could certain either remain in place or move up the rankings. With major updates you will find a lot of volatility in the search results for the first 4-6 weeks of that rollout.
  • Content quality is expensive. When achieving your rankings and maintaining them, it usually requires lots of blog post content in order to meet the topical authority needs. Well planned and written content will result in there being a excellent SILO built with a comprehensive interlinking strategy. Well written content also will have a higher conversion rate. Higher conversion rates = more money.


to conclude this article, there are seven reasons why it is not a good idea to use cheap SEO services. Poorly written content leads to low conversions, inadequate keyword research results in poor visibility, slow turnaround times result in losses of potential customers, and ineffective tactics can damage your website’s reputation. Investing in quality SEO solutions will save you time and money in the long run and will result in lasting results. Avoid cheap options in order to protect your website and business from potential losses.

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What are the risks associated with using cheap SEO services?

The biggest risk associated with cheap SEO services is that they often use outdated techniques and strategies, which can lead to low-quality backlinks, poorly written content and a lack of expertise in handling complex tasks such as link building or keyword research. This can result in your website’s rankings being affected, and can even damage your reputation.

What are the benefits of investing in quality SEO solutions?

Investing in quality SEO solutions will save you money in the long run as it guarantees better results that will last longer than those provided by cheaper alternatives. Quality solutions also ensure that your website is future proofed against any major Google updates and provides content that will have a higher conversion rate. Lastly, good quality SEO services provide the expertise needed to handle complex tasks such as link building or keyword research properly.

Where can I find experts to help with my SEO?

BIAS SEO offers expert consulting services and can provide advice on all aspects of SEO, from keyword research to link building. Our team of experts can help you create a comprehensive SEO strategy for your website that will help boost your rankings, increase visibility and generate more leads. Contact us today to get started!

Thank you for reading this article. Avoiding cheap solutions is essential if you want to protect your website and business from potential losses. Invest in quality SEO solutions that will save you time, money and provide better results with lasting effects. If you need help finding the right solution, don’t hesitate to contact us at BIAS SEO!

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