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Move Massage – Tallinn, Estonia

Case study


The biggest issue is building and ranking in a foreign language and understanding what those clients were specifically looking for. No matter though, it would be easy.

Process and Solution

Building a website in English and Estonian. Ranking the website for the search phrase “Sports Massage” and “spordimassaaž” in both the maps pack and SERPs. This would see enough traffic to the website for the client. Tallinn is a relatively small city but had numerous sports massage centres closely located to one another. Use heavy on-page optimisation to outrank the competitors.

How it was achieved?

As mentioned above, we built out the website in two different languages and using on-page SEO and topical relevance we managed to beat the client’s competitors within around 9 months.

The Results

The results were awesome. For some reason even with a lower Page authority and Domain authority, we managed to beat out the top competitors in around 9 months or so. It is worth noting that in Tallinn, the various Maps searches are all #1 in the Google maps pack for the relevant “near me” searches.

Move Massage tallinn ranking for sports massage tallinn
Google maps pack for sports massage in Tallinn - SEO by BIAS SEO agency
Organic Serps ranking for move massage in Tallinn


I can highly recommend Neil for all your website needs. Whether a revamp or from scratch. He’s built my website from the ground up. I’m no expert, but with the search engine optimisation he did, he was able to get my website ranked in the top 3 places in google searches. Amazing!


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