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Is SEO worth it and can Cape Town businesses benefit from it?

SEO will always be worth it if you have the right strategy in place to achieve the rankings you desire. However, it is worth noting that the SEO company or specialist you hire needs to know what they are doing to get the desired results.

SEO rankings are competitive and it is worthwhile to work hard to achieve those rankings. Online experiences begin with Google search queries and you will find that you get a higher close rate from organic rankings. This makes for a very impressive ROI.

Do I need SEO?

Every business needs SEO regardless of the industry they are in. Whether you are a Cape Town-based plumber or are a national E-commerce company – you need SEO. Every business needs SEO.

SEO should be worked in with other digital marketing and traditional marketing strategies. This is called an Omni-channel approach. It is essential that a business uses as many different channels to get customers as possible – that they can manage – because if one traffic source dies out, they have other means of traffic that they can convert.

Is it worth it for a small business?

SEO tends to have the largest or highest ROI of any digital marketing strategy. It is usually worth its weight in gold. One must remember that there are different ways to achieve rankings. One must recognise that all search queries are not created equal and should be approached initially from the viewpoint of what has a low search difficulty and a high amount of monthly searches otherwise the resources could rather be spent on other methods. 

How does it work?

SEO Starts with keyword research and technical analysis of your website. When all the technical issues are sorted and you can correctly see what keywords you would like to target and which keywords you would like to rank for because it has the correct search volume and search difficulty.

How has SEO changed over the years?

SEO has changed and so has the way SEO has worked over the years. Penguin, Panda and Bert have all changed the way results are shown in the search results and eliminated spam in the SERPs.

The most important thing to note is the following: the website content must be beneficial to the search and help them make an informed decision to rank the pages.

What should you look for in an SEO expert?

An SEO expert should have a good idea as to what’s involved in ranking a website. Knowledge should be on the content management system and page builder if necessary. They should hold technical expertise such as understanding crawl budget, sitemaps and things associated with servers/ hosting. Next up would be the on-page SEO changes that need to happen to improve the web page ranking and its relevancy to the search query.

Now, is SEO worth it for Cape Town businesses specifically?

Yes, it is indeed. You will find that depending on the search volume for specific keywords you will either find that low volume competition keywords and low volume keywords may be enough but when done correctly, you may also get enough high volume keywords ranking in the top 3 positions and be swamped with work. The three metrics here are Conversion rate, search intent and search volume. If the searcher’s intent is in line with the search query and it has a high search volume you will find you will have a high conversion rate resulting in substantially more business.

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