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What is an Alt Tag?

Alt tags are usually called image tags. They are essentially HTML tags that are added to the image to ensure a search engines understanding of it. Read on to learn how Alt tags can improve your website ranking.

What is an Alt Tag?

Image alt text is an HTML attribute that provides alternative information about the image. Image SEO has many benefits, but the main benefit it offers is to improve SEO rankings because of its inclusion in HTML. Image search engines are gaining popularity over time, and their use is expected to rise exponentially over the next few years. Let’s look deeper into what an alt tag is all about and how it affects your search engine ranking.

Image alt tags provide alternative information about an image because Google cannot “read” the image. Google reads the text to better understand what it is and what it is used for.

What is an Alt tag used for? what are its uses?

Image alt tags are HTML attributes that carry alternative information about the image such as its description. Image SEO will help to improve your website’s ranking because Google can’t read images so it relies on the text written on the page, which is usually included in Image Alt Tags. Alt tags help give context to an Image and have many benefits including improving rankings because Google understands the context and purpose of a specific picture.

How does it benefit SEO?

Image alt tags are considered “hidden keywords” because no one clicks on them, but Google does read them to understand what the image is about.

Image Alt tags are the SEO building blocks for images. Alt Tags should be written in proper sentences, using proper grammar and punctuation. Alt tags also help improve your “image” search results in Google. 

The benefits of Image SEO are improved website ranking, increased web traffic, and better social media engagement. Improved website ranking is the main benefit that alt tags offer. 

Why is alt tags important?

Alt tags are important because they are the only way search engines have to understand what your images are about. This is important because it acts as a calling card for websites that want to link back Image SEO helps create awareness. Image alt tags help people find you, so why not? Image Alt Tags should be descriptive and have relevant keywords in them.

What purpose do they serve?

The reason you would use alt text for image SEO is to tell the search engine what the image is about. Image SEO is important because it helps you rank better in Image search engines and also allows Google to better understand the content of your website. Image SEO should be used in addition to your regular SEO efforts. Image alt tags also help make your website more user friendly by providing information about the images on your website. People with eyesight disabilities often rely on alternative text to understand what an image is about. Alt tags also help people with cognitive disabilities understand the content of an image.

How do you write good alt text? What are some of the best practices?

This is how you would write good alt text. 

  • Alt tags should be clear and concise. 
  • Alt tags should provide context to the image. 
  • They should benefit the user in understanding what is the importance of the image.
  • Keep the text concise, grammatically correct and without spelling errors.
  • Try to add relevant keywords to the tag. Don’t stuff keywords in.

An example of an alt tag may be:

ALT: “dog picture” could be improved by saying ” this is a picture of my dog playing with her ball on the grass.”

That is Alt tags and image SEO in a nutshell. I hope you can better understand this concept in SEO. If you require help with your SEO, consider our SEO services in order to get a better understanding of what we do and how we help businesses.